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What are Exams and what is the I.S.T.D?

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing is a London based organisation which has branches the world over. It is an institution bringing together several dance disciplines which have been systematically organized so that examinations can be held at various levels. These examinations may lead to a professional dance career. Teacher training examinations are recognized at University level.

At the higher levels, we offer ISTD exams to our students. These exams take great commitment, start at $180 and may gain them school credit.

Students age 5 (Pre-Primary and up) examinations in-school with us. This means that they are practicing the syllabus but will conduct the exam in their classroom outside of class time with one of our teacher or studio owner peers. This is great training ground for their future, should they wish to conitue on and take these exams. At this level, the teacher accompanies groups, each of 5-6 students into the exam which has a relaxed class room atmosphere. The progression of exams goes through many grades and medals followed by the vocational examinations namely Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

Why should my child pursue dance exams?

Taking dance exams is a wonderful opportunity to develop technical dance skills, staying cool under pressure and building confidence. We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to our students.

When are exams held?

Exams usually in March for ins-school exams and April-May for the older levels; the dates are set by the I.S.T.D. 

Exams take place outside of regular class time so it does not affect the children who are not participating. The examiner will be a qualified dance instructor who understands the capabilities of all age groups. The dancers receive a graded certificate and a report form where written feedback is provided.

Exams/Assessments provide motivation and an important incentive for children to work hard. Successful completion builds confidence and develops abilities. The younger children start taking exams, the better they tend to deal with stress. Exams fees will range from $35-$45.

More information will be sent out in January.

Is my child ready?


  • Can your child focus for 30 mins or more?
  • Is your child engaging in learning opportunities?
  • Does your child strive to follow and obey rules?


  • Does your child strive to increase flexibility?
  • Does your enjoy building strength through repetition?
  • Does your child practice at home willingly?


  • Does your child feel excited when faced with obstacles and challenges?
  • Does your child enjoy the feeling of pressure to do well?
  • Does your feel open to corrections and ways to do things better?
We will inform you if we feel your child is ready to take their exam. Prices vary according to level and are set by the I.S.T.D. (this is only applicable for the higher levels… don’t need) These exams range in price starting from $180. The exam price will also include 2 MANDATORY practices at the studio and WILL take place outside of regular class time.